Spotlight: Dusti Akers 

Local resident Dusti Akers moved to Beavercreek in 1983 and has lived here almost all her life except for a short time away in Bend at culinary school where she received her certification as a Pastry Chef. Upon her return she began baking cupcakes for her mother, who regularly received them with smiles and giggles. It was her mother who coined the term that Dusti now uses as her business name The Cupcake Fairy. 

Dusti describes the Beavercreek area as having lush forests and beautiful lands that she often hikes and takes photos of, as well as many nice horse riding trails she has enjoyed with her horses over the years. 

She loves the feel of the community here and noted that it is nice to actually know your neighbors and other locals. Dusti has many things in the works for her business. She just earned her bachelor’s degree in Business and her next step is to convert her mom’s old Beavercreek beauty shop Kay’s Country Curl into a commercial kitchen rather than a cottage kitchen. What that means is more and bigger bakes! 

Dusti’s life motto is “Sprinkling kindness across the land, one cupcake at a time.” Her dream is to offer a variety of sweet treats to everyone, no matter what dietary restrictions they may have. Currently The Cupcake Fairy bakes everything from three-tiered wedding cakes to mini-cupcakes and is always up for a new baking challenge. Another neat thing about her business – she hand delivers orders to Beavercreek residents! 
Visit Dusti’s Facebook and Instagram pages and see what you’d like to have at your next celebration, or contact her directly to order at 971-221-3402 or

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Interview by Jenn Logan. Is there another Beavercreek resident that you’d like to see in the Spotlight? Email

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