Spotlight: Patrick Whitmore

If you’ve ever been to the Beavercreek Saloon, you may have seen owner Patrick Whitmore and his dog Duke sitting at the first table as you walk in. It’s his spot. The locals know him, and the newcomers are quickly welcomed into the community when they meet Patrick and Duke for the first time. 

Patrick was born and raised in Beavercreek. He and his partner Barb bought Kissin Kate’s/Buffalo Bills Saloon in June 2016 and changed the name to Beavercreek Saloon to honor the Hamlet where he grew up. The restaurant is well known as a friendly community gathering place with great food. This is reflected in the statement on the Beavercreek Saloon website that reads: We believe in community. We want to give our community a place to meet, gather, celebrate, laugh, cry, and share stories and life experiences. With changing times, we want you to have a place to go that feels like home—good home-cooked food, camaraderie of friends and family, and cheer. It’s country. Let’s keep it country!

When asked what his favorite part about Beavercreek is, Patrick couldn’t put into words all the things he loved in a few sentences. He said, “People can come live here in Beavercreek and be free to live how they want” and that there’s such a beautiful and eclectic variety of folks that end up in Beavercreek. He enjoys every single person that walks through the saloon doors. 

Patrick received the Community Action Impact Award in 2019 from Clackamas County for his humanitarian efforts to support people impacted by the Paradise, California wildfire. But he was quick to point out that the efforts of the whole community is what made it the success it was. He donated an unused RV he had to a single mother, Veronica, who lost everything in the fire. The RV was parked in front of the Saloon for a week to collect donations from the local community before it was driven to Paradise to help those in need. People from Beavercreek and as far as Beaverton filled the RV with clothing, toiletries, and other items that would help people in Paradise get back on their feet. Patrick still speaks to Veronica who is now thriving with her kids in their own home now. 

The Beavercreek Saloon serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and changing daily specials. All You Can Eat catfish is available every other Thursday, Prime Rib specials on Fridays and Saturdays, karaoke is every Saturday night, and we can’t forget the very popular Taco Tuesdays! They also host bingo nights to benefit local charities and members of the community, and local bands play on the Saloon’s stage a range of country, rock, and everything in between. 

Patrick’s favorite menu item is the Reuben, so give it a try if you’re not sure what to eat on your next visit.

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Interview by Jenn Logan. Is there another Beavercreek resident that you’d like to see in the Spotlight? Email

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