July Town Hall Recap

Guest speakers this month were Surveyor Lee Spurgeon, BCT’s Dick Orr, and County Liaison Katie Wilson. Lee gave a history lesson on surveying in Clackamas County including land boundaries, Oregon donation land claims, township system, and sections and divisions. He said that a modern survey relies on previous surveys and records, trustworthy surveyors, and set monuments. If a given piece of property has monuments set around it in the township/section, it will be much easier (cheaper). Most surveys will mix traditional survey methods and modern GPS, which has limitations under a canopy or in a rocky area. Oregon has an “adverse possession law” meaning the burden of proof is on the supposed possessor.

Dick gave an update on the EZVideo services, which are available to cable broadband internet service areas. Information is in the BCT August newsletter. The website was also redesigned to make it easy to use, and has lots of information.

Katie Wilson shared that the Committee for Community Involvement (CCI) has been looking at Community Planning Organizations (CPO) that have become inactive and looking for existing CPOs that might take over those areas. For example, Sunnyside United Neighbors (SUN) is supporting the West Mt. Scott area after people in the area expressed interest and Katie helped get SUN involved. She visited SUN, chatted about pros/cons of merging or not merging and the citizens are continuing the conversation in future meetings. There are 24 active CPOs in Clackamas with about half being inactive. Beavercreek Hamlet CPO may have an opportunity to merge the Carus CPO. Residents discussed pros and cons. One suggested that inactive CPOs mean rural voices are not heard, giving Oregon City the ability to encroach on boundaries and resources. Another shared that the Carus CPO may not have knowledge about the laws and policies and thus can’t support its residents. Further discussion needed.

All land use activities were supported by residents. The Hamlet Board also gave an update on Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU). The State mandates one ADU within urban growth boundary 900 square feet. County may elect to permit conversion to ADU for homes built between 1850 and 1945 outside the Urban Growth Boundaries and urban reserves for land greater than two acres in size. Discussion ensued.

The Board shared that the Park Place annex was approved. Christine Kosinski is going back to the City of Oregon City to talk about people on Redland whose wells are going dry as the water table is dropping. Bill Merchant shared that ODOT has been talking a lot about public transportation, discussing needs both urban and rural. They will be presenting in September to the Oregon Transportation commission. Oregon also has a task force to review and discuss autonomous vehicles, and the State has a mandate from House Bill 2017 to look at toll roads. There is a general prohibition against tolling on federal highways (interstates), but there are exceptions. ODOT to make a recommendation by September.

The Board shared a revision to the bylaws (hard copies available at the event), which were voted on and approved. The Hamlet’s budget was approved by the County. And finally, a reminder that Hamlet Board of Directors elections are in October. Please reach out to info@beavercreek.org for info and to apply. Happy summer!


The Hamlet of Beavercreek is here to protect and preserve the rural culture of the area, and serves to help all residents. Monthly meetings are the best place to share feedback and learn how to get involved. Join us at 7:00 p.m. the third Wednesday of each month at the Beavercreek Grange.

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