June Hamlet Meeting Recap

Our guest speakers this month were Tom Salzer from the Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District (CSWCD) and Brian Schumaker with PNC Construction to give an update on the construction of the new Beavercreek Demonstration Farm, as well as Paul Hauer, president of Beaver Creek Telephone Company on what’s new at BCT.

Tom of CSWCD said they are in preconstruction phase doing design and budget reviews, and he shared the most current drawings of the 12,000 square foot facility. They are deciding on materials and getting permits sorted with an estimated start date of November 2018 and completion date of December 2019.

A resident asked how they would deal with buildings that need to be removed to accommodate the new designs. Tom said they would be either moving them, demoing them and reclaiming materials, or moving them temporarily until they could find a home in the community. This includes the original farmhouse and the structures at the end of the property. The board decided to preserve the farmland and keep buildings within the existing footprint, meaning as much land as possible will be conserved for the demonstration farm.

Paul from BCT gave an update on the broadband rollout saying 650 members have signed up so far with a priority on Beavercreek residents. The entire ILEC territory should be complete and converted by the end of 2019. BCT newer services include managed wifi as well as EZVideo, a private, subscription-based app that provides live local TV – KATU (ABC), KOIN (CBS), KGW (NBC), KPTV (FOX), PDX, KRCW, OPB, OPB and more – and cable channels plus hundreds of video, music and gaming options. This service is part of their offering to transition from cable TV. It costs $15 per month and if you already have BCT cable, it costs $8 per month. Call them for details or visit their website. Residents are also invited to attend the BCT Cooperative Annual Meeting on July 12 (see details in Events Calendar).

The Hamlet discussed land use applications:

  • A resident on McBurney Road is requesting a new temporary dwelling for care permit to authorize the temporary placement of a manufactured home (in addition to primary dwelling) to provide daily care for another resident. Her care provider and their family will reside in the temporary dwelling – attendees voted unanimously to recommend approval.
  • A resident on Beavercreek Road is requesting an alteration of a nonconforming use of the seven-space Forest Glen manufactured home park to convert a portion of an existing shop/office structure to a living space for the park owner/manager – attendees recommended approval.
  • Public input was sought at the Planning Commission meeting on June 25 for historic homes allowing accessory dwelling units up to 750 square feet to be built inside of the urban growth boundary. The Commissioners hearing is set for August 1 at 9:30 a.m.
  • Finally, an update on ZDO-268 that focuses on amendments to 28 special use sections and four development standards sections. The special uses include churches, schools, several types of home occupations, daycare facilities, cemeteries and crematories, hospitals, nursing homes, RV camping facilities, drive-in theaters, produce stands, surface mining, several waste disposal uses, livestock, bus shelters, manufactured dwellings, manufactured home parks, drive-thru window services, hydroelectric facilities, utility carrier cabinets, bed and breakfasts, guest houses, composting facilities, wireless telecommunication facilities, mobile vending units, farmers’ markets and transitional shelter communities. Planning Commission meeting is July 23 at 6:30 p.m. and the BCC hearing is August 15 at 9:30 a.m.

A resident asked for advice on how to approach the Hamlet and the County to open a wedding facility on Henrici Road – a weekend business on a 16 acre parcel that would host 72 events a year and be closed down by 10 p.m. each day. They intend to start construction by end of year. The board advised the resident to pursue all the appropriate permits and then attend the Hamlet meeting where it will be discussed to answer any questions others may have.

For land use activities: resident on Beavercreek Road was approved subject to conditions for a Measure 49 partition to divide the subject property into three parcels; and resident on Jones Road was approved subject to conditions for new temporary home for care. Stars in the Park concert planning is underway – be sure to join residents at Korner Park on August 11. In June, the board attended County meetings on the topics of suicide prevention awareness as well as emergency awareness. Bill Merchant gave a update on Region 1 Area Commission on Transportation (R1ACT) summer road projects underway that will cause road closures that will make travel around Portland Metro extremely difficult this summer. In our area, ODOT will be resurfacing Highway 99 so we can expect delays. There is an opening for a Farmer/Rancher Candidate for the US Department of Agriculture County Committee Elections – anyone with farmland or livestock can apply. (See details in this issue.) Jack Hipp shared the procedure to alert the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office of anything you’re concerned about but that is not an emergency or a crime in progress. He said to use the Tip Sheet online or call the non-emergency tip number at 503-723-4949.

The July meeting will be a Town Hall Community Meeting on July 25 with guest speakers Lee Spurgeon from Township Survey, and Katie Wilson who is the County Staff Liaison. Feedback and speaker suggestions always welcome at info@beavercreek.org.


The Hamlet of Beavercreek is here to protect and preserve the rural culture of the area, and serves to help all residents. Monthly meetings are the best place to share feedback and learn how to get involved. Join us at 7:00 p.m. the third Wednesday of each month at the Beavercreek Grange.



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