Spotlight: Lorie and Larry Ramey

By Jennifer Logan

Lorie and Larry Ramey have lived in Beavercreek for 34 years. After marrying in 1988, Lorie looked forward to living in the country once again as she had grown up in a farming community in Alberta, Canada. When a friend of Larry’s invited them here in 1989 to “check out a property” it was meant to be. Larry was surprised at how quiet the area was and decided to “trade city living for country living.”

Upon arriving in Beavercreek, they bought a mobile home and got to work putting in a well, septic, electricity, and natural gas. Lorie and Larry eventually built the home that sits on their property now. “One project seems to inspire another,” said Lorie who recently completed interior painting and window replacements. They grow blueberries and Concord grapes and enjoy “the best juice ever” every fall, using a gifted steamer from an uncle in Germany.

Larry and Lorie on a hike in Sedona, AZ earlier this year.

As a retired registered nurse, Lorie is still involved at the Adventist Medical Center as a constant observer and would consider helping those in our community in need of a few hours of respite. Through Adopt-a-Road with Clackamas County, her section of the road runs from the corner of Beavercreek Grocery to Glen Oak and her sign reads “I Love you Larry.” She enjoys making cards and teaches a class at her church in non-summer months, and likes walking the country roads (while often picking up can/bottles that others toss out). We can all appreciate that!

Lorie appreciates Beavercreek for its rural living and acreage minimums that provide space between neighbors – while emphasizing that “neighbors who look out for each other” is another reason she loves living here: a common theme among many Beavercreek residents. Lorie leaves us with her favorite scripture “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

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