Spotlight: Larry LaRue

In 2015 retired U.S. Army veteran, Larry LaRue, sought a place to reside that had the quiet peacefulness of a country setting while still being close to a town market – a place that would allow him to create his own vision of a ‘resort’ on his property. That place was Beavercreek. For the last seven years, he has continually worked on his resort vision with 53 approved county permits, to which he added many custom-built features in his home and throughout his property. 

Larry LaRue with one of his airbrush paintings.

Larry appreciates that Beavercreek has remained very quiet “most of the time” and he has enjoyed seeing all the different wildlife on his property. “I personally love the wild birds. I have noted on my birdfeeder over 48 types of birds,” he said.

He loves to salmon fish, so it is no surprise that one of Larry’s hobbies and passions as an airbrushing artist has led him down a path to become a professional custom fishing lure designer whose work has been featured in magazines numerous times such as Field & Stream, Salmon Trout Steelheader, and others. Some of his recent work can be found and shopped at 

When Larry is not working on painting projects or spending time with his dogs and chickens, he’s helping veterans in different ways through his involvement in The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).

Larry’s life philosophy is “to give to the world, country, community, neighbors, and family, and always find a way to make someone smile.”

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Interview by Jenn Logan. Is there another Beavercreek resident that you’d like to see in the Spotlight? Email

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