BRCP Now Available

The following includes excerpts from an email sent by Christina Robertson-Gardiner, Oregon City planner, on the Beavercreek Road Concept Plan (BRCP). To get on the mailing list, email

The consultant team and staff have gathered your comments, reviewed the adopted plan, provided initial recommendations on the proposed changes needed to adopt zoning for the area and are hard at work getting the draft code and draft zoning map ready to share with the public. Redlined versions of the code and proposed map have been uploaded to the project page (

Public Hearings- Mid-Late Summer 2019

Public Hearings will begin in mid to late summer. Postcards will be sent to all properties located in or within 300 feet of the Beavercreek Road Concept Plan Boundary in mid-June. Further details will be shared once they are finalized. 

You can always send staff your comments via email ( or mail (City of Oregon City c/o Christina Robertson-Gardiner | PO Box 3040| Oregon City, OR 97045) throughout this process.

Public Comment Tracker 

We will share what we have heard to date from public comments and meeting with various organizations through a comment tracker. A copy of the latest version of the comment tracker is available in the documents section of the project website ( and will be updated to incorporate comments from Meeting #2 and the Open House. Please let us know if you think we are missing a comment topic.

New Name?

One issue that came up over and over again in public outreach conversations and public comments this winter and spring was a concern that the name of the concept plan area was geographically confusing and was being confused with the Hamlet of Beavercreek. One way to lessen this concern is to potentially begin referring to the area with a new name as part of the code amendment project. Please click on the following link and send us your concept plan renaming ideas ( Some initial ideas include Thimble Creek, East Caufield, Loder Road, SE Industrial (Oregon City), Two Creeks, and Thayer Greens.

Beavercreek Road Concept Plan Project- Zoning and Code Amendments

The Beavercreek Road Concept Plan (BRCP) is a guide to the creation of a complete and sustainable neighborhood in southeast Oregon City. The acknowledged BRCP provides a framework for urbanization of 453 acres within the urban growth boundary including a diverse mix of uses (an employment campus north of Loder Road,mixed-use districts along Beavercreek Road, and two mixed-use neighborhoods), all woven together by open space, trails, a network of green streets, and sustainable development practices. This spring and summer, the City of Oregon City will embark on a process to amend the Comprehensive Plan Map, Zoning Map and Oregon City Municipal Code (OCMC) to allow planned housing, employment and mixed-use development within the Concept Plan Area.


Download the full July 2019 issue of the Beavercreek Bulletin.

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