Local Business Shy Ann Meats Closes

Frank and Teresa Luessen have lived in Beavercreek since 1988 on a two-acre parcel on Henrici Road that also houses their business Shy Ann Meats and Sausage. Unfortunately due to a medical issue, the business is closing and they are selling their home and business.

Shy Ann was founded in North Dakota in the 1950s by Frank’s father. Frank worked at his father’s side from his early teens until he bought the family business in 1974 and moved to Oregon. Shy Ann has been butchering, preparing, and selling wild game and domestic meat in Beavercreek for the past 30 years — both at their shop, as well as local farmer markets.

Frank’s health had been declining for the past couple years and in fall 2018 the family discovered that he has Parkinson’s disease, a long-term degenerative disorder that affects the motor system. This made it impossible for Frank to hold a knife, wrap meat, or engage in other activities to run Shy Ann’s, so they made the difficult decision to sell the business. But because their home is on the business site, they are being forced to sell that as well.

“Clackamas County won’t let us subdivide the home from the business because the parcel size is too small,” shared Teresa. So the family made the tough decision to put their house and business on the market. Once it sells, they plan to retire permanently somewhere close by and spend time with their grandkids. View the for sale listing here.

Frank and Teresa, thank you for being part of the Beavercreek community for 30 years, and we wish you and your family all the best.

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  1. So sorry, very much appreciated the butchering and meat sales. Thank you for your years of service to feed your community.


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