Spotlight: Elizabeth Graser-Lindsey

Elizabeth Graser-Lindsey moved to Beavercreek in 1996 to be near her family. She and her husband Barry own a farm and have been raising and promoting heritage breeds including San Clemente Island goats, Kiger mustangs from Southeast Oregon, and White Wyandotte chickens. Growing their own food is also a passion because they believe that “home-grown food is love made delicious, nutritious.”

farm family cropped
Elizabeth’s farm family photo.

Elizabeth and Barry appreciate the rural beauty of the area, and work to protect native plants and forest on their property. Recently, they’ve been focused on sustainability projects for the farm such as a highly insulated roof, a home heat pump, and a composting toilet. They get inspiration for new projects from Barry’s green construction work, as well as keeping up with weatherization, passive house, and sustainability home improvement ideas.

Elizabeth loves caring for her family and goats, praying, and following politics and public issues from the international to local level. She has been highly active in the community for the past 20 years, saying that “working for Beavercreek’s livability and protecting its rural nature has been my primary hobby for the past two decades, especially through legal appeals to keep local government honest.” Elizabeth recently ran for State Representative for House District 39, and has been a regular attendee of Hamlet meetings.

candidate forum cropped
Elizabeth at the Candidate Forum in 2018.

She draws from her experience as a professor of agricultural meteorology and climatology to serve the community by focusing on issues affecting the climate. “I would like to help our community be sustainable to protect our own and our families’ future,” Elizabeth said.

She is grateful to the Hamlet of Beavercreek and the Beavercreek Grange for hosting community events to bring people together, and to the Boy Scouts and churches for serving the local community. “In our modern times, when we tend to get out of touch and out of connection, our community is benefited by these activities and by all of our participation, and we could use more,” said Elizabeth. “I am hoping that my daughter and her fiancé can get involved with getting a Beavercreek dance going and it would be nice for this to have a sponsor.”

At the Beavercreek Grange hall.

She remains active in her church helping to conduct the service, and serving in the Sunday School. Elizabeth was also trained by the county as an Energy Steward and would like to share with interested groups in our area. Get in touch with her at

Thank you, Elizabeth, for your decades of service to the Beavercreek community!

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