Happy New Year, Beavercreek!

20171226_095803On the first day of 2018 we wanted to take a moment and reflect.

After a six-month hiatus, the Bulletin came back to print in March 2017. It’s a volunteer-run effort and the previous editor Sharon Charlson – who launched it in 1998 and published for 18 years – was moving from Beavercreek to Tillamook.

It took several months for us to learn the ropes but, by the end of the 2017, we had developed a good rhythm for writing and production. We created a new basic website at http://www.beavercreekbulletin.org where you can read community spotlights, as well as every past issue. (There’s a lot of great Beavercreek history there.) The email list has grown 65% and we are now almost – almost! – able to cover all printing costs each month.

We want the Bulletin to reflect the community and are always seeking feedback on how we can improve – see the survey on the last page. Other ways to get involved:

  • Advertise. Our ad rates are extremely low to ensure anyone can participate, so please get in touch if you have something to share – an event, your business, etc.
  • Community Spotlights. These are open to both individuals as well as organizations. You don’t have to be doing something amazing or own a business to be in a spotlight. You could be retired or a stay-at-home parent or a student. If you are a human, we want to spotlight you to showcase the breadth of residents who live here and all of our diverse backgrounds – so please reach out or suggest others! Email editor@beavercreekbulletin.org.
  • Local News and Events. The Bulletin is always seeking local news and info through resources, but as a volunteer-run publication we will miss things – so please share your local events and news with us!
  • Write/Produce. Volunteer to help with monthly writing and production of the Bulletin. It only takes a couple hours and helps ensure we can continue to grow.

The Bulletin is published by the Beavercreek Committee for Community Planning (BCCP), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. The key reason the Bulletin exists is to keep Hamlet residents informed of issues that may affect us such as changes in urban growth boundaries, access to water resources, transportation decisions being made in Oregon City that will cause congestion, etc. Anything that will create major change for residents, we intend to cover here – and the best time to get involved is the moment you read something:

  • Voice your opinion at monthly Hamlet meetings. Each month the community gets together to discuss a range of issues facing the Hamlet. This is a great entry point to getting involved to make a difference. The board of directors leads the meeting and are our best ally in working with the County and the State.
  • Give testimony at public hearings. If you want to speak up on a specific issue such as transportation or water, there is almost always a public hearing at which you can share your thoughts in an official capacity. This is another great way to have your voice be heard – and the sooner, the better.

Beavercreek is our home. We love the frosty mornings, the distant sound of donkeys braying or roosters crowing, and the sight of the sun rising over Douglas Firs. We love the winter Christmas Tree lighting at Korner Park, the summer Flea Market, and the fall bazaars and art shows. We love breakfast at the Grange, the monthly meetings, and getting to know residents.

What do you love about Beavercreek?

— The Editors

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